Is this a bug?

In the bronze sea.
Didn’t think of getting a picture of the whole screen until it was too late. Anyways was there a patch note I missed or is this a bug… or was it always a thing?

golden fish? thats a feature thats existed since fishing was added in wom

No, a legendary fish.

legendary fish arent a bug either

if you mean crew catches afaik they can catch any fish of any rarity

I thought legendary fish were only caught in the dark sea i1+

no, gold modifier adds 2 rarities to the fish so a golden rare fish like sleeper shark is legendary

the reason you go to ds i1 for legendary fish is because you can get both gold and massive variants of fish which both raise rarity, making it more common

Oh yeah, makes sense.

yeah, here’s a message confirming all the rates as well, a legendary fish from golden is 1/30 for a rare, and then another 1/30 roll for golden

a legendary fish from massive is 1/30 for a rare, then another 1/8 for massive, which is much more forgiving

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