Is this an exploiter?

I’ve never just seen someone with a single name before. Ever.

it happens when you reach a certain rank in the ass

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OH, I see. I don’t usually see assassins.

ex assassin syndicate member can confirm

very high up in the ass


(literally the second rank)

Same thing with gravy

I would recommend rephrasing that.

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Just say in the Syndicate.

too long and too proper, ass is shorter

ass ate is also an alternative

Navy doesn’t have this problem, only AS does with Journeyman and Sponsor (could be more ranks affected, iirc it stopped at Lord)

haha ass

With Kai farming and rivals you can go up the ass really quickly

yeah, you gotta get wayy deep in the ass

Yeah, you have to be pretty involved, committed, and deep in the ass to do that.

@Derp is very involved in and committed to the ass


His involvement is very deep in the ass