Is this ban valid (hint: no)

From a game mod lead btw, who you would expect to be good at this

Have you made a ticket?

welcome to Arcane Odyssey where you can get banned for being too good


This happened to me all the way back in wom, im pretty sure there is a system that detects if someone collects chests too fast. If you have high ping thats usually what sets it off (thats what i was told by a mod anyway)

i dont think ping would set it off anymore since roblox completely stops you from doing anything while lagging now

Wasn’t my clip, clip is from charleybarley on discord, p sure he’s the first epicenter finder

so vetex put 10 chests next to each other and didn’t think about how thats enough to set off the anticheat. thats a classic move

Either way I doubt it was an actual person who kicked him but rather some kind of anti cheat thingy

I think so yeah, I know some who allegedly got banned the same way, but since he didn’t have proof he couldn’t get unbanned

I didn’t have proof either lol I just asked to get unbanned and I was

This usually doesnt set off the anticheat. Either high ping or a large amount of chests before this mustve been the cause

This was their ticket, Cyan just basically wiped his butt with it.


First chest exploits false ban caught on cam?

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this is just peak arcane odyssey

As someone with 160K+ chests opened with laggy internet, I can assure you doing that doesn’t trigger anticheat.

Having high ping will not let you open chests that’s far from you from my experience, unless you’re point blank next to it which will then try to open it again once your ping is back to normal. Will try to do that on my alt though, if it isn’t recreatable, high chance he did exploit in the background icl.

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I still think they should be obligated to show the proof they have he exploited.


i think he should’ve just finished his sky apple harvesting idk

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That’s true, but after looking at it again I kind of side with them, 17 seconds is too short


If they have “solid proof” then why do they not just share it? That would instantly shut down any appeal ticket of the accused and thus cost them (the mods) less work while ALSO allowing for a fairer “trial” for a lack of a better term