Is this bug still in game?

i mean the bug where you lose your rare+ weapons if you unequip them

they technically dont exist anymore because of the wipe bug so unequipping them will delete them. they wont be wiped if you joined after the patch

i did tho but my sunken is missing

i guess i was wrong about equipped items then

To check if your item will dissapear, just check your weapon section, if item has “Equipped” overall, then it wont dissapear, if you cant find that item anywhere but the weapon slot - it will dissapear

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yeah too late. and i also found out the mod team didnt do restores

wait. do they still do them now?

They fixed the bug where weapons disappeared 45 minutes after the bug occurred, if you played in the first hour of the update, even if it was just for 1 minute, your weapons disappeared.

are they doing restores now tho?

No, they are not doing restores for that bug.

bruh. so nobody is getting their weapons back