Is this enough items in ship storage?

is this enough items? or should i get more?

get more

i can still read the numbers, it’s not enough

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i think the last time I played with my main file (before this bug that morally destroyed me), i had almost 300 dark sealed chest and around 100 cargo from every town. so yes get more

what bug?

If you ever spawned in the sky, be wary of you’re next move, cuz ive encountered it several times which my response was to reset (or rejoin cuz its the only way), except this one time i joined an old server. So i did the usual thing, thinking ill only lose 300 galleons (death penalty) only to get disconnected by roblox before anything was visible on my screen. When I rejoined tho, it said I combat logged so my ships contents were cleared… :smiling_face_with_tear: :sob: :sob: :sob:

My theory is that I got flung into some ship or the dark sea and got attacked right before roblox disconnected me.

edit: also cuz since the server was 1d+ old maybe the forcefield didnt work (never touched my file again out of frustration)

h-how much did you have

almost 300 dark sealed, 100 bronze, maybe 30 nimbus, 600+ cargo and a few barrels

Wait, you guys get to have some use out of your ship storage?
My laptop nowadays can barely run AO, or any game for that matter, and I usually crash at least 5 times a day
I cannot count the times vetex just stripped me of all my renown, galleons, possessions, family and any sense of identity because I accidentally hit a marine or something then crashed
Besides, knowing my luck, even if I tried using the ship storage, I’d probably crash a second before I crossed the border between the seas


well for some reason only my second file can
on my main i cant travel to bronze and back


5 times are rookie numbers, imagine having a full on 20-30 dark sealed chest and your at ravenna just popped a luck v about to unload until suddenly you crash. thats me

that is also me
I just usually ragequit after such shit, not charge right back in, keeping it to around 5 crashes per day

i guess thats the difference between you and I, i probably have 10-12 crashes in a day

get a fame friend to help you get non-stolen cargo
heck, i could help you do it if you want me to

Happens for me every 10 minutes in the dark sea :sob: and also not too uncommonly in other games… Yet almost never in bronze or nimbus sea somehow.

lower your render distance it helps

uh, why would i?
they give the same amount of galleons (if its same person buying/selling)
otherwise you’re losing out on 50 each time while i gain 50 each time