Is this just me or

I feel like the forum and the roblox platform as a whole has overused the word ‘toxic’ so much, to the point where it’s dulled out and basically has no meaning anymore, it feels now like a game being popular is a good enough reason for people to call it toxic.

Even if people don’t call it toxic just for being popular, they’ll call it toxic since they played for a couple hours and little Timmy said mean things to them or because they got killed by some other player(s), and sure those things can be annoying, but that’s really not enough for a game to be ‘toxic’, the fact that people are calling games on roblox (a platform with the demographic mainly being children) toxic in of itself just shows how broken the platform is, though I get it kids will be like that, but the forum consists mainly of supposedly 13+ yr olds not sure how much I trust that now yet I see a lot of people here exaggerating the fuck out of other games’ communities ‘toxicity’ like hell, and I also see a lot of the time dare I say it s-s-snowfl*kes and call jack shit toxic and label games as donkey dung and forumers being robots linked to 1 cloud parrot the same thing around, I do get that maaaaybe it could be since I don’t play often on USW servers, but I’ve played several games several times in USE servers and there wasn’t really any difference to EU and certain AS servers, so I doubt it.

Sincerely, grow up.


People love to share their hatred or just complaint
I mean hey, that’s just human nature to always accentuate the negative

but at the same, grow up

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I agree mostly, but people fr got mad negativity bias when it comes to shit like this :sleepy:

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Grow up…

I have never once called a group or game Toxic. Toxic is a cool word and should not be used for such blatant reasons.

In all honesty, this isn’t just a Roblox problem, but a rising overall issue on multiple platforms of all kinds on the internet and people today. I Don’t mean to sound like a boomer, but a lot of words don’t have as much meaning as they used to due to the severity of the usage of them. Something bad happens to someone due to one person and the whole system is broken, toxic, and unfair. People right now should understand the differences of the words that they use, even if two different words sound alike. There’s a difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’ or ‘mad’ and ‘enraged.’ Even I have to catch myself when I say, “Oh, I need this ___” when in reality, I don’t need it, but just want to have said item.

Lastly, I remember when I would hear my brother play Call of Duty in another room and the language was extremely vulgar. If Roblox games are toxic, I can’t imagine what they would think of those times.

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I don’t believe this as big as an issue on other platforms, but in general language wise people don’t know what half the words they’re saying actually mean anymore

Fr if you can’t handle children throwing insults at you then you probably can’t handle playing any other multi-player game than roblox

OMG YOU SAID THE S WORD!!11!1!!11! I AM CRI IN BED RN :sob: :sob: :sob: