Is this true? (Very serious Roblox extension problem)

Chrome >>>>>


nah firefox >>>>>

is that a joke?

firefox winnin

chrome >>>>>>>>>>

chrome is gonna break adblockers soon so firefox >>>>>>>>>>>

The only one that i’ve seen reported is searchblox, the others is probably just fearmongering.

so uhhh is btroblox still compd or

where do i find this information

(if this is true anyway, i had btroblox enabled for like hours after this post was made but dunno, id rather not take any chances)

This was posted in two discord servers (And a third one)

Roblox Discord Server
Balanced Craftwars Discord Server
And another server which I have no idea where it came from

but btroblox so useful

Im pretty sure its safe tbh, as someone said before its most likely just fearmongering

yeah i feel like it is aswell because as i said prior id already had it installed for some hours after this post was made and i both have a limited and robux on the account, nothing happened to either of them, nor did i receive any notifications about unauthorized access to my account or anything, but i still uninstalled

half the shit on btr is broken and i have ropro for the server lists now so i just uninstalled btr :man_shrugging: