Is this true? (Very serious Roblox extension problem)

me a casual opera user

How do you check if you installed them I might’ve in the past and not gotten rid of it

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Idk what you use
For chrome press the puzzle piece in the top right
For opera press the cube in the top right

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Was roblox+ compromised?

No, but I’d just delete it for your own safety and come re-install once it’s re-solved

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me using ropro

up top :raised_hand:

man roblox extensions are like the only fucking ones i know of that are infamous for being compromised constantly (tbf i dont use many extentsions in the first place)

I can’t get on my pc to remove them so that’s fun


i better get rid of BTR soon but looks my my robux count is fine for now, only limited so have are some random eggs and the obv hard hat so idc if i lose but i’m definitely gonna have to reset stuff

i might be lucky, i had it set to be disabled until i wanted to use it.

who even uses chrome after october

recommend anyone who has this extension do a secure signout (in your roblox privacy settings)

it resets your account token too

Ive got nothing of value so idrc

Since when did it do that?

Everyone :skull:

Who tf uses windows or the app, they’re so bad

i heard it did somewhere, i thought it did but i guess i dont fully know

you do realize chrome isnt the only browser right?

“Windows or app”

Very specifically

those arent the only ways of launching roblox without chrome