Is water savant a good idea?

So I’ve been wanting to attempt at a savant build for a while now, and I’ve been trying to brainstorm good magics that not only would look cool thematically, but serve well in combat.

Water came to mind, since it’s pretty big, and deals alright damage as well as being decently fast.

is it a good idea to go water savant? or would aiming for something like earth or fire savant be smarter?

maybe even sand is a smarter idea?

actually now that I think about it, either explosion or fire savant makes the best sense.

fire is literally a jack of all trades magic, it just feels right it works with a jack of all trades class.

as for explosion, it just sounds cool, but probably not gonna use it since it’s such a normie magic.

you look cooler with a sunken sword

yeah but those are rare


care… to elaborate?

id say don’t use water because if you don’t use sunken sword you can get sailors fist. so you would want a colder magic (or lightning) and likely high AoE. then its your choice over FS or Magic but magic would likely be a better idea. then after than you would want to chose a magic that goes well with bleed because of weapons

you can use both tho… that’s the whole point of savant

but your point was its rare so thats why i said if you don’t


you can get thermo fist and ash magic, on top of cold based or lightning for sunken

wait so you’re saying I can go for like a hot and cold type thing?

I mean I don’t really think that’s very viable.

fire savant seems like a better idea overall since like I mentioned earlier, jack of all trades magic meets the jack of all trades.

ahh, well water and fire are the most ballenced magics for certain things so it could work but might be counter productive in ways

also means that you are meh in everything right?

not meh, just “good” in everything

while other builds are either “great” or “amazing” at everything.

savants seem meh now but that’s only really due to the level cap, trust me, when it gets higher, and ESPECIALLY when second awakenings drop, savants are going to become a serious threat.

im a savant main im allowed to affend myself


I hope you didn’t use the vitality stat

if you did…


i use poison magic, acid magic, iron leg (want impact fist), bowstaff, i have a PTdagger im gonna use, and likely a SS

i didn’t, my guild leader did, and he may change to warriar

I have no idea if that’s a good build or not ngl :man_shrugging:

good area denial, and nice DoT

i wouldn’t recommend water
i use it and the only time i did more than 200 damage is with size 20% blasts with over 100 power… (don’t forget water has NO damage besides the contact/direct damage)
and also water size isn’t as big as you think the base 100% size is pretty small without a good build for it
and last thing it’s not cool, less cool then most magics till there a 1 in like 300 chance for vetexs to make it so water magic effects the sea but then he would make all magics do that