Issues killing blue whales

having issues killing whales
2 things:

  1. the Blue whale or Cachalot randomly stop pursuiting you and usually they stay under water until attacked again.
    2.randomly despawning during the fight
    i have a video but i cant post it yet.
    any tips so both of these dont happen?

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I’ll take “Things that sound horrible out of context” for 500


I doubt they randomly despawn, are you sure they don’t just go underwater? They move pretty eratically, so it’s entirely possible that they just suddenly dive underwater

alternatively, they got flung into the stratosphere

yeah its planned apparently, sharks sea monsters and whales will dive down and stay there for some times after losing a certain amount of health ( vetex loves his realism )

they will stay there for somewhile or until you argo them again ( by attack or going close iirc )

prefer to previous comment

issues hunting lb players

You basically called my name with that post. I hate sharks and love hunting them. I’ve encountered both of these issues before. Both of these problems are because of janky mechanics. Cachalots freezing up should be seen as an advantage, since it’s time for you to escape and heal if you get bit. The despawning and flying sucks though.

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OP here, answering to everything
bluefighter, i currently have a piece of footage of the random despawn and i do oftenly check if theyre just underwater or not
IssuesAreMinor, im pretty much cosplaying someone from the other game that wanted to hunt a huge whale, might want you in my friend (roblox )list for later.
Crimsonpants, the phrase is: “My mother used to scold me like this in my youth.” . What is the name of the character saying that?