Issues With Game Performance

I can’t remember the last time I saw anything below 200, so I fail to see the issue here.


the ping is only bad because of roblox shit servers.

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Personally, I got new internet recently and no, the servers aren’t that bad your internet Is just older than the amount of days since arcane reborn got a content update

oh no roblox servers are 100% dogshit, i shouldn’t be getting 50 ping on a germany server when i live in germany, i should be getting at max 20 ping.

you know, how almost every single other game from a studio with money has it :))))

Best solution? Play roblox in the server room itself

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That’s literally fucking nothing my brother if you think 50 ping is bad you’re used to negative ping

Bro 150 ping is bad for you??? I was surviving off 300 ping since dark sea came out, sit yo ass down.

50 ping isn’t bad, but it’s also not good, y’all just play too much roblox, it 100% should be like 20 ping for a GERMANY server, you know WHERE I DIRECTLY LIVE.

roblox skimps out on servers and y’all know it.

we could easily have 20 ping servers for our regions, and like 80 ping servers for ones that would normally have like 100.

while the latency from 50 to 20 isn’t that big, there IS a difference, and with the amount of money roblox just fucking takes from devs it would be bare fucking minimum getting fucking 20 ping

Bro is actually complaining about 50 ping I do not believe my eyes


bro and you wanna live with something eh while you absolutely should have really good???

even then, you do understand that the ping for other regions would also get better yes???

meaning you can actually not care too much about playing in other regions, be it playing with friends or w/e.

literally had to stop playing deepwoken with my friends based solely on not being able to find a server that has good ping for all of us. (if i were able to find a 100-120 ping server i 100% would’ve been fine, but no roblox is dogshit and gives you 150 on a good day.)

Bro’s complaining on 150 ping
For me, even when I’m in server from where I live (France), the lowest possible I can get is 100 (at least on AO)
Everywhere else, it’s between 150-350
Finding a server below 100 on AO is a fucking miracle for me

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you know maybe we all deserve better

i mean yeah 100 ping is not bad but if you play any online game ever its kind of amazing how roblox manages to push latency as high as 100ms anyhow

you could be living in the center of texas with ethernet and still have that ping on a dallas server which leads me to ask
how bad really are roblox server connections

like on valorant the max i get is around 30ms and i know roblox aint a smaller company than riot they gotta be having ancient servers or something


ah there we go again, the guy that wants everyone to feel bad for him because he has it SOOO much worse. god is that annoying, yeah you got it worse, doesn’t mean that my situation is also bad, but you know what i want to happen??? for you to also get better ping!!!

the reason roblox has these shit servers is because of the people on this forum post.

I don’t want you to feel bad, even though it looks like it. Also I never said I wasn’t ok for better ping, it would be really fucking weird to want a worse ping

…what sever


…in a 2d fighting game where a few frame delay can make a big difference since it can make stuff unreactable…

not most roblox fighting games though (most fighting games on roblox are some type of 3d arena fighters where startup on moves is extremely reactable anyway where even if you had an extra 80 ms delay on what you’re used to it wouldnt make a difference)

oh man i wonder why that is, could maybe be the shitty roblox servers that shouldn’t be shitty.

no because most fighting games on roblox arent designed like 2d fighters therefore most of the attacks dont have 3 frame startups or something