Issues With Game Performance

Why does every server have 100-150+ average ping now? In servers before recent updates I could find a server with decent ping in minutes but every server now has terrible ping, all of them suck. And even if i get in a server with managable ping like 100 that sometimes dips below 100 to like 95, it all is meaningless in like 10 minutes because of memory leaks i assume, then it turns into a 150 average ping server. And it’s not just the ping, it’s the lag. I turned everything to the lowest possible setting in the arcane odyssey settings and the roblox graphics settings but it didn’t make a dent in my fps. It’s borderline unplayable now. I can’t play the game like this if every server has 100+ ping that gets worse over time and the game lags constantly, I have a decent computer and lag has never been a problem until now. Something with the game changed for the worse and now It makes it not fun to play anymore. I might take a break from Arcane Odyssey for a while.

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130-150 is normal for me :skull:
Its only like 200+ where it starts to get bad


since when is 150 ping terrible bruh


It’s terrible for me, I was getting 50-below 100 ping servers constantly in times before the recent updates, and like i said in the post it’s not just the ping, it’s the lag. Lag has never been an issue for me until just now right after the recent updates.

I like not having to fear having one of my abilities get delayed for a full second because the ping suddenly spiked to 200.

ill take anything atp tbh

Even if I tried to slog through the lag and try to play the game, it wouldn’t be fun like before the recent updates. It’s cool that they added new stuff but it seems they accidentally spilled some chemical X into their stew while creating the recent updates because I have never had this game perform this bad until just recently. It’s not fun to play this game anymore.

If I’m not going to have fun anymore while playing this game, I have no reason to keep going. I don’t want to have to slog through this game with the way things currently stand. I’ll probably check tomorrow if things got any better, but if things are the same when I come back, I will not return until probably the nimbus sea or next bug fix update.

personally comparing the deckhand update to the dark sea update is night and day, its so much better now
of course its only in nearby servers (reminder you cant rely on the region indicator), but in the good ones i can finally go below 100 ping

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Bro you should come live in Australia were we have the worst internet in the world and have 500 ping
wdym 100 ping is great

i was just playing voxlblade earlier today and had a server with 53k ping

“It’s just the platform. Roblox runs on your CPU. You need a PC built FOR ROBLOX and not FOR GAMES.” and all that other fun jazz.

your pc can be as powerful as you want and it’d have virtually no effect on ping, that’s just the network

there’s just a ton of stuff always happening in a server it’s typically always gonna be above 100 ping which sucks


might be this

me when used to 50 ping so literally having 100 more ping is actually pretty bad because i am simply not used to it. (that’s a foreign concept to people, they always wanna say how much worse they have it)

That’s what i’m saying man, these guys literally have like stockholm syndrome there’s no way you can have fun with the ping and lag.
I have returned and I have seen the recent replies to this post and i’ll see if the game is performing any better than it was yesterday. I really like this game and there are still things I want to do but with the lag I was experiencing yesterday none of it seemed possible anymore.

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I didn’t even think about the entire platform having issues yesterday, now that I think about it build a boat wasn’t running very well either.

Okay so the ping is a lot better now, I immediately found a server with below 100 average ping, it will probably climb to a higher ping later but it’s better than yesterday. The only thing I gotta figure out now is does the game still lag like it did yesterday. I’ll say this again, I have never had any issues with lag, never not even at ravenna or the big mountain at the bottom of the map. But yesterday It was very laggy at the mountain and I could barely do anything. I’m gonna go to the mountain and see if it has improved at all.

I haven’t gone to the dark sea yet, the dark sea was extremely laggy yesterday, like 5-10 frames per second and i’m not kidding. But overall, it seems like the ping has improved a lot since yesterday. After a while of being in a server the game starts lowering frame rate and the ping starts getting higher but, it’s probably just memory leaks or something. The servers start out with like 50 or so frames then when I check the frames as i’m leaving it’s like 20-30 frames. I was in a server for like a good 45 minutes or maybe an hour and some change.

People really like to pretend ping isn’t internet based
“Vetex fix ping issues!!11!”
Mf ping is only bad if YOUR internet is bad, no amount of memory leak patches is gonna make your dogshit 2004 internet less shitty

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