Issues with hitboxes

I want to know if someone knows what could be going on:

Recently I’ve been having issues while PVPing at munera and with people jumping me just not doing damage. After fighting a friend, he told me that there were around 4 attacks that he said clearly hit him, but did 0 damage.

Has anyone else been experiencing hits not doing damage? I know it isn’t my Internet because I have ~500 Mbps speeds. Is Roblox just having server issues, or is there something else that could be the cause like boxing warlord is glitched in some way?

it’s probably desync

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I love 200+ ping

Is it possible to get a tester to try some boxing imbuements on weapons to see if the same thing happened? I had another friend i tested with say that I was dropping hits quite a bit, especially with the piercing gale ability, while fighting. He said he felt the knockback and hit but took 0 damage on more than 1 occasion.

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