It is my birthday

It’s my birthday.



Happy Birthday!

happy nother year circling a star in an endless vacuum of nothing with the closest other star being very far away. And a very good chance we will never find any other sentient creatures outside of Earth.

Today I am now officially 16

which means I could legally start driving

no… You still need a license to legally drive.

well yeah

but where I live I theoretically be eligible for one now

I can also legally start working


this is a very quiet birthday post ngl

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your pizza’s always be cheesy :cheese: Nah but for real happy birthday, hope today turns out good for you :confetti_ball: :partying_face: :poggers2:

happy birthday!! :fireworks: :fireworks: :poggers2:

wow happy birth

Already getting livelier

February birthday on top :partying_face::tada:

Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! :birthday:

There is a cat as a thumbnail

can I say happy nyah-day or not

Happy birthday :heart:

I will give you a :male_sign: gift :male_sign:

get ready

me too tf