It’s my birthday (again) 😱

This is like my 3rd birthday post on forums
I’ve been here a while


I might not know you well, but happy birthday fellow forumer!

I don’t know how old you have become now but I wish you to still keep going with life no matter how terrible and bitter you feel it gets. This world can be cruel, and I hope you can defeat that cynicism and live as fully as you can.

Btw, can I have your AO slot? so I can make a gift art for you?

And my favorite song that might make you smile? Idk if you liked it?

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Okay let me get a good screenshot

here ya go!

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Sorry for asking, is that light magic?

No it’s snow magic, but I think the imbue with sailor fist is broken…
It might also be my storm salt candles

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Sorry for asking again, but is this the right skin color?

and what color is your pauldron and blindfold?
as well the extra cape you’re wearing.

Happy Birthday!!! :gift::confetti_ball::birthday:

happy birthday big man

It’s not, but it is close
blindfold is black and pauldrons are pastel

Can you give me the skin tone you use? the lighting messed things up a lot.

maybe a another screenshot where it’s daytime and far from your ship.

It’s the second one from the top left in the image you sent

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Happy Birthday!!
Have a cake

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Happy birthday!
Also congrats on making it 3 years on the forums!!!

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