It takes 25 common items to get deckhand's loyalty from low to great

i lost track somewhen and didnt notice when did her loyalty raised to medium, im gonna guess its 10 for low → medium, 15 for medium → great and so on

so basically

Low → Medium: 10
Medium → Great: 15
Great → Devoted: 20
Devoted → Dedicated: 25
Total: 70 ( im sleepy im not gonna check if i did math correctly )

edit: apparently items of different tiers does give different amount of points, i only used unenchanted, unmodified common items for this test

possible additional infos:

Different items raise the loyalty by different amounts.
It took about 3 things to get one of my deckhands from devoted to dedicated

oh okay im guessing its the tier then, i only common items

may i ask what items did u use and what were their tier?

I was just using titanium and steel chestplates, at one point I used one with an atlantean modifier on a different deckhand and that might have increased the loyalty by more.

If you can, switch your deckhands to knights and then switch them back when they are at max loyalty, it makes it much easier

i used a samurai for this one, have a bunch of eye patchs and straw hat lying around so it wasnt much of a problem

also im pretty sure eye patch can be bought from tailor at much cheaper price compared to iron set no?

deckhand loyalty seems to depend on galleon value amount

iirc someone said that the amount of loyalty you get is dependent on the galleon value of the item

titanium’s great for warriors while other expensive items may be great for other styles

Yeah it’s just galleon value, I gave a loyalty 3/5 deckhand a titanium chest, which got them to 4/5 and then a iron legs to 5/5

25 diffrent bracelets because thats all my deckhand likes

Also when do deckhands upgrade progressions again?

go sink ship, after a certain amount of level is reached they’ll let you upgrade them i think