Item carry over

So I deleted an old save slot and started a new game, but some of my items from my previous save slot carried over to the new one.


Edit: here is the trades accepted/completed window to prove that this stuff wasn’t traded.

tbh they’ll probably say “you transferred it to your alt” since you can trade overleveled items to a lower level account, but maybe figure out how you recreated it with steps and it’ll give them some sort of hint idk


I just… deleted my old slot, and made a new one…

wait, but can you trade a castelian sword with someone who isn’t castelian?

what slot were they on, perhaps they could recreate it on that specific slot

2nd slot

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I think it has something to do with leaving during a loading and stuff idk

I didn’t leave tho…

Or just show sent/received number…

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I did not think of that, gimme a sec.

Here’s your answer, it’s a bug not anyone framing it as a bug(Not that I thought that)

Oh forgot to mention it but that bug is known since… at least the fishing update I think?

oh damn, sorry 'bout that.

Why would you delete a save file with boss items in it tho

cause boss items arent that rare

._. You do know AO is a thing, right?

I already have a file with all of the boss items, plus AO isnt gonna be out until next year.

Wait…this ISN’T a feature

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