Item Icon Bug (Invisible Icons)

What were you doing before bug occurred: *Joined a server and it happened that a majority of items in my inventory, and many others aswell icons have dissapeared im unsure what caused this but im assuming a roblox update

Steps to reproduce: Join a server and take a look at your inventory, a majority of items seem to have no icon only showing enchantments if they have it.

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): *Shows Nothing,


Pictures/Videos: Its affecting a ton of items but weirdly not others, like some amulets but the majority of icon’s are bugged atm heres some more pictures to show that the majority are invisible

also one more note, its not just whenever you join a server, it stays throughout the server, if you need more info this is also happening to Clintkrogh09 and my friend olas200, im unsure if this is effecting specific people or everyone. alright -zenwell18

i am generally unsure onto what caused this, probably a roblox update if anything

ye happened to me too

Happens to all my items except my Vasts.
Doesn’t bother me though. I’ve heard its a ROBLOX issue.

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