It's been like six months

Have they seriously not fixed the bug where you lose energy when you M1 on broken ground???
Come on…

just dont m1

That’s… not exactly fixing the problem…

At best, you’re just putting a bandage over it.


easiest solution :person_shrugging:

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but that isn’t a solution at all, it can’t even be called a bandaid fix.

Me when M1’s start happening for no good reason (maybe I accidentally M1’s mid skill and now I’m M1’ing in the air or on the ground):

That’s not a solution lmao???

That’s like saying “just cheer up” to someone with clinical depression.


maple’s memeing no need to get riled up

although yes very annoying they haven’t fixed that bug when destruction happens everywhere

I haven’t really seen it be that big of a deal. The bug’s existed for all eternity, but the only time I’ve ever noticed it? (out of 200+ hours) Was fighting Iris when I was progressing a new slot like a week or two ago. Never noticed it again; not in pvp, not in pve.

does m1ing become worse as the game continues because they move a lot more, damage falloff, or both

yuh thats a roblox bug where if u hold click then do something else like open ui, the game would count it as you still clicking and its really annoying for weapons and fstyle users

Nah screw the M1 bug, you know what else has been around since release? Infinite stamina for NPC’s. I can’t fucking fight notoriety ships because their ai is more annoying than the rest and just gets off the ship before I sink it and starts swimming endlessly

it’s like Thermo’s imbued m1s memory leak still here

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we need m1 air stalls removed

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