It's Just The Beginning

funni mini comic

“Morden Stop Laughing I can see a Slight giggle on you’re face!” - Mathew

Mathew Re-Design Reff

:ok_hand: ( See you In Nimbus Sea )


this reminds me… oh shit i forgot to revamp my file!!
but this is REALLY good ngl. mathew having the revamp for the second sea is just good!! helps us prepare for what’s coming ahead :]

why does bros abs look like something i could cook in an oven then eat with some butter and fries

nice art.

ah yes
the confident, the traumatized, and the edgelord. (descriptions based on their expressions in the top picture, of course)
the perfect trio.

hes a mage too bro aint suppose to even have them

First image gives me that “call of adventure” feel!

i remember seeing this series when you first decided to start it, and now looking at this GODDAMN you improved a lot!



hello can i use this for my vid? thank you