Its morden time!



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would have been a top tier post if the poster had an image of mordens face

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I wanted to post the joke before somebody else thought of it :sob:

Fair fair issoki

I gotta ask, why is this movie everywhere all of a sudden?

I’ve heard literally nothing about it except for memes.


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because it unironically is one of the worst movies to exist

Bnt can we get morbius morden drawing please :pleading_face:

this is the best i can give


Mr. Morb Ius has recently gained a lot of popularity due to his unbelievable intervention in the Amber Heard trial in which he MORBED her

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how bad are we talking.

you will regret even theoretically existing after watching it

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As someone who has seen the movie, the writing is dogshit, the movie is short and ends abruptly, the villain is also dogshit, Jared Leto is a good actor That’s just the cons

The pros are: morbius is a cool character and has pretty cool powers, the beginning of the movie is good up until the villain actually becomes a villain, and the movie is short.

Oh and the famous catchphrase “it’s morbin time” is not actually spoken :sob::sob:

badum crash

They brainwashed you too :frpensive: