It's my birthday

birthday del grainys :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This is fucking awesome


Happy Birthday


Yo happy birthday!

please dont kill me in my sleep

Happy of birth

Happy anniversary of documented existence

January Birthday gang

Congrtulations on achieving the feat of reaching your day of birth, known as your birthday, in which many people celelbrate surviving one year since their last day of birth, typically celebrating with allies and people related via blood, commonly including their two organic producers/guardians. This day is typicallly celelbrated with food/drink, such as cake and pizza. Your day of birth is typically jokingly refered to as one year closer to death despite the celebrations. This joke has been used multiple times and has even been referred to as annoying by some

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Everytime someone posts about their birth day I extend this

happy birthday, forumer on forum

happy birthday bro

im late but im still going to say
February is the best month you cannot prove otherwise
happy birthday anyway

Nothing exciting happens on February other then being forced to do something nice to a person/partner

Happy birth of da day

you’ve lost a full year of your life that could’ve contained emotions and love, but instead spent in your chair all day checking if your tiny task didn’t glitch when farming for the sunken armor