It's possible to have less agility or just any stat than average now?


Less agility/size is possible rn with metal/light

I think that the “negative” numbers were just a reduction of what those arcanium armour types used to give, so if an metal-arcanium item gave 100 agility before, it would now give 75. The non-negative numbers are increases to the previous stats.

oh I thought like it would add to base stats

The thing is, it says “these are the new stats” rather than “these are the changes”.
How exactly they work is a bit confusing but I don’t imagine we will have to wait long to find out

we need a tester to clarify smh, someone should ping maplestorm or someone similar


idk what ur asking

is the -25% agility as in

  1. metal previously gave X amount of agility but now got reduced by 25%
  2. metal will reduce your agility by 25% ( either base agility or stat amount idk )

Or some extra third option where any agility that you have given to it from enchants or jewels will be reduced by 25% (in that case the downsides are pretty irrelevant)

idk hopefully its negative tho

If you look at it, all affinities even out to 100%. Seeing how Arcanium gear got nerfed in the same patch, I believe the extra stats given by magics depends on the item’s “efficiency values”.

A pre-nerf Arcsphere gave 21 power, with the 73% nerf it now gives 6 base power, regardless of the magic type.

Those 15 points would be passed on to different stats, depending on the magic type, and following the 1 Power = 3 Logarithmic Stat = 9 Defense rule (defense is being increased by 22.2% this patch, for a 1:3:11 ratio).

So, an Explosion Arcsphere has a 100% Attack Size efficiency. Since 1 Power equals 3 Log Stat, it means 15 x 3 = 45 attack size.
A Light Arcsphere would give 56 Attack Speed and -11 Attack Size by this logic.

This is what makes the most sense, though I don’t know if stats themselves have greater efficiency or not (like Power/Attack Size gems/Enchants/Modifiers being more effective on Magma).


“all percents equal to 100% guys!”

The forum website doesn’t think so

If this comes to be then I know what i must do.

Theurgist set (is that the one) is getting buffed because of the jewel nerfs, pretty sure its a 20% buff in attack speed