Its the arcane apocalypse 😱

since arcane odyssey is releasing i’ve been reading through the forums every, single, day, i haven’t said a single thing for like a month because i have only been reading on my ipad 2 that’s like 6 years old and I’m too lazy to log in.

ill just say that from my PERSONAL experience from reading these topics, i can definitely say that there are, interesting users here :grimacing:

like bro, key, you don’t gotta make 4 posts in a span of 1 minute :sob: just make 1 response, i keep seeing the same gosh darn topic being bumped every time by you :rage:

anyways, i hope i have a good time here :+1:

ThatOneGuy :gun:


Welcome the forums :clap:


That’s an… interesting choice of image, to say the least



Head Play? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

welcome mr banana-man!


i hope this isn’t what’s going to start flooding here on release.

i would stop hoping

I mean that’s just fucking weird and I’m not going to lie and say “oh boy this is a great first impression I can’t wait to meet you”.

this is a great first impression imo

great first impression tbh


haters be hating

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!

You would have made my day if you @'d me.

I left the forums for a DAY and shit already is getting weirder

first the horny ezia post now this

delightful i must say