I've cooked a build!

since the builder doesn’t have the modifiers assume the arcsphere has crystalline
and that the armband has atlanthean swapping both enchants.


90 power
833 defense
72 agl
80 attack speed
80 size
6 intensity
2 insanity
3 warding

thoughts on this build ?

what class are you?
It’s decent but I feel like you could swap out the bracelet for something else…
Also agility got nerfed so you won’t feel a difference until you reach 100+

Crystal conj
also iam ngl the build had more power before vetex decided to make enchants affect the atlanthean modifier :skull: so i don’t think i wanna swap bracelet at all (also wasn’t literally the only agl nerf to the tp dashes ? iam pretty sure the change to all stats got reverted)

agility scaling overall is worse now from what I know so you literally need 100+ to feel a noticeable diff. I’ve tested a bit and there is practically no difference between 44 and 80 agility. I would try for more atk speed and drawback is always an option as long as its 2 max (any more than 2 drawback starts hurting a lot unless you’re mage who can get away with more than 4.)

ill try getting more attack speed then (will pass on drawback)
ty for the info

I would personally use an essence on the arcanium bracelet so you can run a modifier on the arcsphere, like blasted. Swap enchants too since virtuous no longer works with Atlantean.

on it :nod:

Perfect balance

Drop the build gus

Do it without warding mid!!

Nuh uh… Insanity effects give me brainrot

It is up to los pollos hermanos standarts