Iwao Beach [Milton Fae's rival]

doodle i guess of Milton’s rival. His in-game name is Beach so I knew I had to make him my rival. Decided to give him the first name ‘Iwao’ for absolutely no reason.
(he usually wears a hat but i am too lazy to draw hat and hair is fun to draw)


Armless vs Legless FIGHT!!!

he has arms i swear i just never noticed that it looks like he doesn’t have arms until now :soap:

in the sketch it was supposed to be like loose clothing but i forgot to add that part in :sob:

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well im making his armless now, better start using iron leg

damn I was planning for him to have rock paper scissor fights with Milton
how can they rock paper scissors now :[

he uses his foot to make the shapes although im not sure how

iwao bitch