January's Journal: Day ? [ABYSS SEA] (another forumer oc matchup oneshot, inspired by @Moroz_Winters)

I’m trapped in Fort Talos with a bunch of refugees who had escaped Ravenna? Remember the Atlanteans in which I encountered during my expeditions? They’re here now.

Hi, my name is January Light, a master fire conjurer with two others, and we are trying to survive this event. I’m the one missing. Morden got infected, Iris is somewhere, but she is one of the survivors of this invasion. We don’t know where Neviro went, it’s 50/50. Either he got infected and became one of them, or he was a survivor, just unknown right now. My quartermaster Edward is also one of the survivors, and is here with me right now.

I’m with two others, both have the same last name, their names are Gabriel Locke and Magnolia Locke. (@dollychovespula & @jinelle those are your characters)

Gabriel Locke is a Fire Warlock. He wields a disguise-like outfit, with a shroud to hide his identity from Ravenna a bit more. He also wields a fire-imbued Iron Leg build, so he’s pretty decent.

Magnolia on the other hand, she doesn’t wield any other unique fighting style except basic, and she’s pretty efficient in using weapons too.

Now, where were we? Ah yes, Fort Talos. We’re trying to fight off a swarm of atlanteans in here, this may be a bit difficult.

“What happened to you?” Magnolia asked me.

“Atlantean swarm I tried to fight off solo. Ended up bringing you two here.” I replied.

Suddenly one of them blasted Explosion Magic, and I took out my greatsword imbued with Fire Magic.

FLAMING TEMPEST!” All of a sudden, a huge fire-imbuee tornado knocks off some of the atlanteans, but not wiping them off yet. Looks like my Greatsword was enchanted with Dense, making it heavier, but I’m surprised that my greatsword I have used, still has the same exact attack speed. Which is weird because usually it’s supposed to lower a bit.

Magnolia and Gabriel take some turns. Magnolia starts using Rush and Shot, but she’s VERY bad at trying to fight off atlanteans because of all the seawater drinking she’s doing.

Gabriel on the other hand, is decently skilled. He has all the skills on his Iron Leg, and plus, it’s imbued with fire like Sanji.

“What is happening-” Magnolia said as she tried to fight off with the Sunken Staff, but alas, like I said, she’s bad at fending off against Atlanteans, so she ends up very injured with very limited health left.

Gabriel dashes into the scene, using Shot multiple times like some pvphead would do if they were a Warlock, Warlord, or Berserker…

The swarm is now cleared, and we start to get ourselves out of the cave.

“Where to next?” Gabriel asks.

“Let’s get to Mount Othrys. I heard it’s safe.” I say.

We get onto my brig, and start sailing towards Mount Othrys. But there are more dangers to overcome.

(@dollychovespula and @jinelle howd i do?)

(This is also my FIRST submission for the Abyss Sea AU, been seeing it a lot recently so I decided to do my take. :] )


YOOOOO this is the first time I think anyone has included the main cast in one of their oc stories, lets go!!! ik I said that the events of the game’s canon dont take place but that doesnt mean peoples characters cant have already met everyone under different circumstances (its alllll up to personal interpretation)

ANYWAYS off too Othrys!!! cant imagine what theyll encounter on their way there, out in the open seas…

nah lumen let me use theur character for this writing lmao :sob:

ok lets sail off to that mountain

also mb, i just skimmed through your info thread :sob:

moar collaborations, noice

i got inspire lmao

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I’ll probably make another match up once I finish cooking this other one I’m making

cook more.

wait wait WAIT–! ROGUE this is amazing what the hell!? I felt on edge while I was reading the part with the atlanteans. Awesum work!!


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