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Guild Name: Ancients
Guild Status: Neutral (light and dark)
Guild Owner: samilike321/Abdel Calding

Desc : We are the Ancients. We were the first group to reach the continent. In the past, we protected and cared for our people. We had the black diamond. It was a powerful jewel, only powerful wizards could obtain the gem. The wizards communicated with her and used her as a source of energy. Until one day, Darksea arrived… they were a powerful organization of bandits and dark wizards who fought us for many days. We lost. Hope was lost. With many losses people split up and created guilds and other organizations. (one known very much as the Magic Council). The guild master and remaining royal guards decided to hide the black diamond from the rest of humanity and erase this story line altogether! Until one day the masters of this newly made guild raised above them and hope was very much becoming a question that couldn’t be answered. A son of this very guild’s master found the dark diamond. They teamed with the council to give out the gem and use it for good.


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