Jokomium (Asian Obamium)

An Image of my country president joked like Obama


So you are Indonesian?

you right

so many cringe on Indonesia internet lol

At this point just put every world leader on a triangular prism and create a new element

You know how similar my language is to Indonesian? Here are some examples
Sapatos vs Sepatu
Onion in Indonesian - Bawang
Garlic in Tagalog - Bawang
Onion in tagalog - Sibuyas
Selamat Pagi - Good morning (Indo)
Salamat Pagi - Thank you stingray (Taga)
Ako (Tagalog) and Aku (Indo)
Anak (Tagalog) and Anak (Indo)

Philippines has funny CGI.

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you fool it’s the Jokowi Pyramid

I even thought some Filipino are Indonesian due to similar look, same as Malaysia

and yeah Indonesian TV show nowadays are just some religious show with so many dead horse trope that it became a joke and tik tok bullshit

Yeah, even though I am half Chinese and half Filipino with some Spanish descent from my Filipino side. I get confused as Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian and surprisingly South American.

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My parent somewhat deny some small of our family Chinese descent just because everyone at asking why people being racist at me in middle school for having Chinese descent

all I know now I’m just a Netherland descent

You must be a little tall judging from your ancestry.

Well I’m starting to be taller than my father

around 160 Cm now

Damn I am 186-188.

I still haven’t know my exact now height right now because I have no huge ruler lol

that height is me around the early Covid outbreak

I got my height because I was slightly taller than my maths teacher who was 188cm.

I was around 5’1 back in 2016 surprisingly.

I’m just slightly taller than my dad now
I’m still trying to grow taller

and I hope with 2021 I can walk more at school

I can walk for an extremely long period of time and run a decent time, problem is I heat up when doing physical activity up to the point where it feels warm standing next to me.

I can also walk for extreme long period even in time when it’s hot like 1PM

walking is probably my favorite exercise because I still can’t do push ups properly lol

Haha I remember not being able to do a single push up back then. Training either through struggling or lifting could help.

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