Joline Jordan and a fat frog (my character file) [and if you want me draw your character then I will accept it]


Nice art, also I saw your doing art of someone’s character right?
Well I present you my Grand Navy OC Caitlin Crown, she not commander yet grah.

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Yeah sure

What’s her magic tho?

Plasma Magic purple variant

It’s done btw


Draw a cookie :cookie:

“Heyyo, kermit the frog here. This businesswoman has grabbed me by my chest and is holding me captive for whatever reason. Frankly, it worries me since she may do anything she wants with me, from using my legs to cure a friend to using me as a science project.”


Corrina Anchor, main file

Very energetic and jumpy, but clumsy and airheaded at times. She has ADHD too, something I took off of myself.
Mage, uses wind magic as her first and snow magic as her second.

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That’s kinda cool, but the frog is actually her pet named Juan “Fran” Jordan the XVII

Aww its she looks like a friendly captain that’ll get along well with her crew.

JoJo’s Arcane Odyssey!

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She’s about to shoot someone I think

Yo sick nice. Thanks for doing mine.

She is friendly to her crew, but when it comes to criminals… let’s say bones were broken.

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It’s real good btw can you drew my character :slight_smile:

If you want more details about it or clear photo tell me ok?

lightning conjurer :nauseated_face:

Did i ask your opinion?

i am fully convinced you are 12 years of age

Nope i am not 12