Joseph Corin the Beastcaller

Hey there! Been a while since I tried posting any artwork (or anything to be fair) in the forums, I mostly just haven’t really been drawing any fanart as of late that includes anything relevant to Arcane Odyssey. Though I still wanted to post my art at some point. Eventually I just had the idea to draw one of my favorite characters I made for the arcane universe casting one of their elemental summoning spells.

Character description

Here’s Joseph Corin, a simple guy who came from a humble family and who just so happens to have Lunar Magic (and horns, and pointy ears, but you get the point). Since Lunar, like most other magics, doesn’t have a specific description, I decided to do my own twist on it, basically focusing on mostly just indigos and creams/white to try and create a lunar look.
As you can probably guess from the piece I’m showcasing, Joseph prefers to use elemental spells much more than basic ones, as he can relate, and therefore cast these types of spells, much easier.


I came out of hiding to post this.



ICE ART WOOO!!! Tobiemoji_gogogo

Looks EPIC! :heart: Tobiemoji_uwu

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IIRC, lunar was moonlit-ish water


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Yeah, that was sort of what I was going for as well, but I guess in this scenario it isn’t much of how or what it exactly is, but what it can do and how it can be used
That’s might just be my roleplayer brain speaking out though lol

Cool art! I like the way you thought of your own twist to lunar magic.


ngl i thought this was Light magic when you asked for lighting help