Juggernaut Spirit Monk Concept Idea

I had an idea when I saw the oricle information about spirit weapons and imbuing spirit into magic. Idk if this is planned or not but imagine if juggernauts could imbue their spirit into fighting and create like spirit fist/punches/kicks to attack with and my blind monk here could use those bracelets to channel his spirit into fighting


yea, vitality hybrids can imbue spirit energy into their magic/fighting styles/weapons
paladin specifically is stated to also be able to imbue their magic into spirit weapons, idk if juggernauts will get an inverse of that with imbuing fighting styles into spirit weapons

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I just think it would be cool where when you attack with a spirt imbued fighting style a like energy projection of a first (or whatever you chose) would come out for a second

what is a spirt

thought it was spirit

He looks like he slaps people. Really hard.

150v/120s monk who can block parry and dodge anything you throw at him and as such invests into power

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