Julian, Revon vs Traitor Ensign


no way

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This jumping boutta be lit

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Triple domain

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Gee, this sure does look familiar. Kinda reminds me of this JJK panel a lot. Wonder why…


who else knows that one image with an ensign (or legionnaire) having some sort of light curse in AO

I feel bad for Julian, having to carry assist Revon in battle against a lowly ensign. But as per usual:

they have brought out 120 percent of… their copium!

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Ravenna ensign arrested Ruby Roger, Roger is the future king of the pirates which puts him above Cursebeard and therefore ensign is above that

Ensign wins 100%

Revon’s true power is the left right goodnight all along…
1500! 1500! 2500!
Left Right Goodnight

“Im you, Traitor Ensign.”

damn daniel