Julian, the glass cannon dude

Do we know what happened to him? is he alive?, if so wouldn’t he betray the prince and become the king himself (king julian💀) if not i can’t see a reason as to why he wouldn’t have left him behind after calvus death.

revon actually vanished from ravenna already after you awaken i think


i don’t think julian killed him though, he was probably picked up by the order or stole a curse and left to go train or something

yes im actually general julian in disguise

Some npc’s confirm the throne is empty as of now, so no king for ravenna

King of Madagascar

his sorry ass’s probably coming for us, to sink our boat and land us at Sameria for plot purposes.
He’s probably alive since Morden probably didn’t know how Death Curse works yet, so he had to get adjusted to his powers, so the battle probably ended in a stalemate.

purely speculation though!

don’t think Julian needs anymore training, he’s a General after all.

Revon IS the one going to train and beat us to death.

I keep hearing people saying julian may be part of the order when he clearly isn’t, if he knew anything about the order his dialogue in the hallway would be different

nah he’s a free man now after Calvus died.

He’ll probably do anything he wants, mainly trying to kill us, probably.

What if maxing out the kingdom alligment with ravenna allows us to be elected king :eyes: (it won’t)

well actually…maxing out or lowering a kingdom’s alignment to their maximum lowest or highest values is meant to reward you with a vanity item unique to a kingdom, if i remember correctly.

Maybe we’ll get a replica of Calvus’s Crown, something relating to Carnevale? maybe a Garland? who knows.

Yeah i was correct, you get a unique vanity based on good or bad kingdom alignment.

i meant revon

oh, i see.

AO players in 2024 figuring out which alignment they want to have for a kingdom. (They need to know if the accessory fits their vanity or not)

Ao players do be committing genocide for vanity items.