Juniper in pog skirt outfit

i dont draw skirts often so this was a fun opportunity. Big thanks to @LittleShrekSheep for letting me draw her :frhigh:


She’s hot, fr fr. But, holy fuck thats good fucking art :weary: :ok_hand:

like always, Geo make some good work

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Yo I love this art style thoo

Juniper looking edgy and I love it

Damn, I wish I could be as good as the talented people in this forum at drawing
I have so much ideas in my head.


H O T :flushed:

how come i cant simp over a real woman but people can simp over a drwaing

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one of life’s greatest mysteries

there it is dudOOOO
don’t forget to vote

because you can simp over a real woman
but you can’t simp over a drawing
because simping over a drawing means that you’re just a really sad person.

wat if i do simp over a drawing can that be an excetption

yeah man
weeaboos do it all the time
they don’t get called simps
but they are just called ‘really sad people’ instead

dang sucks to be them, but i simp over spongebob anyway

Bro… that drawing is :flushed:
You’ve gained my internet point

This drawing looks so freaking good.
Take my like.

that’s some nice art right there.

also my simp senses are tingling I must leave before it gets any worse


oh my gah that is so good