Juraserva Faction

I wonder what is bro doing inside a cave in cassia bay, and how the fk does he know everything that happens everywhere in the 7 seas.

Btw, how the heck does this person know about Halljbord, Leviathan, the stepstone monster and King Caesar’s location, story, and why does he/she wants to kill them???

Bro is omniscienct and so old to know all of these events, unless it is a tradition or custom in this faction to keep all records, which means that somewhere along the seas, a library is keeping the lore of the entire warseas😭

Also, why does he/she hides in the cassia bay, maybe there is a patricular reason?

He isn’t the only member in the Juraserva…

Ik, so somewhere out the warseas, someone is hiding their identity, “stalking” every player. And my question still remain the same, how do they knoq the location and backstoey of every minibosses, they must 've keep a record somewhere

They’re everywhere and there’s a high chance they even have curse users too considering each magic has a curse version and there’s a ton of them that not all the nations in the war seas have all the curse users or know the identity of all curse users.

I like it if Randal would be their leader.

or they have prophetic curse, which I would luke to have

I bet on that too :joy::joy::joy:

They enslaved every single paper and ink magic user to write articles for them, thats the reason you dont see them anywhere


I belive its straight up one piece refference of theese guys making newapapers avoiding propagana of world govermeant (in ao case that would be either gravy or any kingdom)

I think juraserva would be a more clandestine faction that works behind the scenes to deal with rumors and hidden threats, so like a CIA/FBI of the war seas of sorts

Gee I love Interpol in my pre-wireless communication universe

@Tobi can you confirm this?

Why the hell that random in the cave thinks that amnesiac, who some months ago was demolished by glass torpedo will beat whole damn undead king with another curse?