Just a little birthday speech from an old pal

Yo, that’s right it’s my birthday again! And I’m 15!!!
I’ve been part of the WoM/AO community since it rose up, when I was 11, which is absolutely crazy to think of now. This year has been my least active, and I’m sorry to those who I stuck around with. If you still remember me, massive thanks!

In my time away from this community, I’ve been around in another one, and I have a project to release later today, https://youtu.be/OVc8lgs1sl0?si=Q2oval2c0oUGZyG9
Yes this is a shameless self promotion lol

Anyways, thanks for the wacky ride! I’ll try to be more active here as AO continues, because this is still one of the best online communities I’ve been in!


Happy birthday Ray!
Hope you continue to make tria.os maps, the previous ones have been pretty cool :]

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happy bday dude

3 yrs till young adulthood

A distinguished ribbon-medal-cake
:reminder_ribbon: :birthday:, awarded to forum veterans for their many years of experience and contribution to the forums!

It’s split into several parts, as a reference to The Grid, each one has a slightly different flavour. Rumours say that the less parts left, the better the taste of the cake.

It also contains a secret invitation to Camellia’s next live performance as well as a code that shows up a sample of his new upcoming song!


happy birthday Rayhan :birthday:
I got 3 more months to go…
getting older the second :worried:

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Gimme this cake rn who cooked

happy rayjays

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happy birthday, RayhanahyaR of AO forum

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I hope you’re doing well in your 15’s

I’m 18 now, and boi my experience when I was your age was so emotional from how many hormonal changes I got, it is a curse for me that makes me feel suicidal.

I wish you the best mate, while I might just be a random stranger to you, I really do wish you good things to happen.