Just a small suggestion for water mains that I doubt will be added

Yes I’m quite aware that water is in the meta with decent stats butI know it’s more on the side of a support magic which is why I made this suggestion. (Yeah I’ve suggested this before I think)

Why should this be added?

Currently water magic is more on the support side and a majority of players will choose it when second magics come out for support so I think a suggestion like this to give its own unique effect like winds knockback will be better for combat situations.


Water puddles can currently just be affected with other magics and do nothing else on its own. Imo since water is more on the support side of all the magics it should have a small little effect buff to make it slightly better in combat situations like winds knockback or poisons aoe.

Water puddles can cause other players to slip/slide when a player is only running. When a player slips/slides they can’t control their character’s movement for a certain amount of time depending on the size of the puddle making them easy to punish in pvp.


Considering this would make water better than it already is @Level suggested to nerf the size a bit if this suggestion gets added.

I’m always willing to listen to feedback on why it should or shouldn’t be added as well as suggestions to balance it so it’s not op.

How long will the slip/slide last for? if 2 seconds then all a water user needs to do is cover an area with water and then you wouldn’t need to deal with your opponent ever attacking.

so basically buffing water insanely by making an area they cover be part of smash brawl

I don’t know tbh I’d say a couple if seconds at most. Only concern is for ppl with size builds as well as max lvl players.

I don’t think it’d buff water too much but if your will to give examples on how to nerf it I’m willing to add em.

i dont use water but it would be funny to see people slipping, maybe it could work like when you get pushed too hard and act like a ragdoll, you could still use spells and weapons but still drop to the ground

Buff arguably the best offensive magic in the game because you think it’s too supportive…

Yeah something like that could work

The best? Sorry I haven’t played wom in awhile so I don’t really know how good it is but I know it isn’t that great compared to fire or plasma in pvp situations if anything it’s balanced in pros and cons.

No it’s quite literally the best

Welp guess it doesn’t really need a buff then.
Although I’m curious if this did get added how do u suggest to balance it?

Lower size but this just seems a bit too fancy for a starter magic

Yea… This suggestion would make using water in pvp tournaments banned altogether

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