Just looking For people to roleplay With :D

Yes. I’m doing this And AO Is Perfect for this roleplay topic.

(Everyone starts off Level 1)I would like to do a Roleplay Based off the show Ninjago. Your magic type doesn’t matter. Just We Need to have someone with the Shadow Magic. Builds on the other hand Matters. We need One Of these Builds as The roleplay starts.

Paladin: You are The leader Of The group. You are responsible for making plans, getting everyone to Train and respect each other.

Warlock: You are strictly Loyal To your Group. You will help fight at the best of your abilities.

Conjurer: The 2nd Strongest (After The Leader) You rarely use magic but Still uses it to your fullest extent. You are also trying your best to keep the group from falling apart.

Juggernaut: You are the tank. Trying your hardest to stop the others from getting in harms way. One of the smartest out there along with Trying to keep your self together.

For The Villain You will also Be a warlock. You will Try and convince Someone (Of your choice) To join them With your intent of Turning everyone against each other.

Just replay and Once we get the people Then We may start :smiley:

In what way is it based off ninjago

I watched the show too, but I mean what aspect of this is based off ninjago

OH. I read that wrong. My bad.

Its based Off Of Season 1 and 2.

Aren’t they all conjurers with their golden weapons and such

Technically But After The Big snakey boi They lost their weapons. I’m keeping one as Conjurer Because Why not its A stat build I like to see :]

holy shit ninjago dnd

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Of course. Though I am semi bad at DMing Lol

I may be misunderstanding, care to explain a bit further?

Are we starting off at level 1, going through the story roleplaying, do we all join the same server? Are we joining a discord server or anything? Is there any specific way we’re playing?

I LOVE roleplaying, I’ve actually made multiple files each with varied personalities, so I can fit in any role needed to be filled, as to let other people play the role they do want, I just need clarification as to what you NEED us to do.

So It has a similar plot to Ninjago. But As We do the roleplay The events changes. Once Everyone gets to Level 100 The Shadow user betrays the group and we have to fight them 5 times. this Will all be on a game.

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Sadly, I’ve never watched Ninjago, however, I’m willing to play any role for the team.

Fair enough. What role will you like and what magic type are you gonna do.

I enjoy juggernauting, and probably choose a magic with whatever color I like for the aura, since I won’t be using it.

Ok! friend me on roblox. My user Is7425c. The Display name Is Ian.

Done! This should be the incoming request.

Just tell me when you plan on starting it or anything.

will Do!

Im about to hop on if you would like to join!

Yo you able to hop on?

lately I’ve been stuck with final exams, but in about a week I should be completely free.