Just realized I never thought to ask a really obvious question (Lore)

According to this website, there are different variants of the story of Prometheus’ betrayal against Zeus, with some traditions saying that Prometheus actually made the first man with clay, and other saying that the gods had already made mankind but that Prometheus and Epimetheus had simply been asked to designate to each creature abilities and tools by which they might survive.

In yet another variation (and this one I knew of before reading this document), mankind already had fire and Prometheus tricked Zeus into agreeing to accept the bones and fat of the animals as a burnt offering, saving for mankind the nutritious meat. This then caused Zeus to steal the fire, and the story goes as normal from there.

ACTUAL QUESTIONS HERE (Ignore my rambling above if you want)

  1. In the lore document, it just says that the AU is the outcome of Prometheus giving Magic instead of fire to humanity. So did the fire episode described above never happen?

  2. Prometheus is said to have given humanity magic at least a thousand years after mankind’s inception, so did Prometheus create the humans, or did the gods do that?

  3. If he didn’t provide them fire in that fire episode, then how did the creation of humanity take place in the AU? How involved was Prometheus? Not at all?

  4. Did that episode about Zeus deciding which parts of the animal humans should sacrifice to him happen or did it not? If it did, how was it resolved? If Prometheus didn’t intercede for humanity, then I guess the logical conclusion is that either someone else must’ve done so or that mankind had to deal with that until Prometheus offed him.

Yes I know these are multiple questions, but they developed from a single one.

The most consistently used story is that he made man with clay and then gave them fire later even though Zeus denied his request

I don’t think the actual mythology says how much time it takes from when Prometheus creates mankind and when he steals the fire, but one can assume it wasn’t very long.

In that version, I believe Prometheus gives human beings fire because he feels sympathy for them (since human beings are kind of fucked in the long run without fire). Does this never happen, or do human beings have some alternative survival tool with equal or comparable utility to fire so that Prometheus never decides to steal the fire?

Humans probably just found fire on their own in this universe, but I kind of interpreted the mythology as being an explanation for the ability for humans to use fire in the first place.

Primitive magic could form into anything you imagined as long as you had the power to but it was extremely taxing. Also in the most used mythology it wasn’t sympathy, Prometheus saw something in humans that’s never gone into because he’s the god of foresight and not prophecy.

But he only gives them magic after the war ages, right? At least a thousand years of human history preceded that.

In AA lore yes(The at least is yes, it’s not guaranteed to only be 1k), in Greek lore it’s unknown the amount of time that passed.

In this alternate universe they probably already had fire from the start since that would explain 99% of it.

So how did they cope with the problem of fire in AA before Prometheus gave them magic? I mean with primitive magic they could potentially generate fire, but without fire being given, how did they obtain it? Naturally?

I mean, them having obtained it naturally is what I concluded, but I just want to be sure.

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