Just saw this and i just thought i should put it here

Just saw this and i just thought i should put it here https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/8/d/8d8e708be1c569e3679349c543e5f98fbcd3dbef.png
effort 3.333333333333333 3 quality 1.5 2 reasonability 1.5 2

he used a weapon imbued with the aether curse

the thing is, Iris is still not THAT strong and was literally about level 20 when we first fought her, the whole point is that Iris is special and learned a lost magic while being very very weak. She’s still learning how to even use her magic well

Morden, while possibly the strongest out of the oddyssey unless we’re just that good, is also not that powerful, because he has barely even used his curse. Morden did beat the ass of obama but that was with Iris’ help not to mention he couldn’t even walk during our escape.

We are some chosen one, so fair enough.

We’re simply built different

morden probably way stronger than us
he was experimented on too so he has the mystical mc power + a stacked curse

fair, but counterpoint: morden in his journal specifically mentions that you were tested on a lot more, which is presumably why we lost our memory

Takes us 5 days after we wake up on the shore before we fight Shura
Frostmill is a 2 day sail (lore presumably or prep), 2 days to get information from the Brigands, 2 more to find and defeat Iris (Total: 6 days)
11 days to beat Iris, I could check my mage for more info but I’d rather look through it as I prog on my shadow conjuror file

I stg the same people who talk about how op the AO mc is and how it’s too easy for them are the same people complaining about the bosses being too difficult.

does he want to remake the whole story?

@Divanochi can i get a close :frcryin: