Just some question

Does our eyes and hair glow while we’re using our magic or it just AA webtoon thing ?
Does strong magic weapon the PK staff has limit about how much magic it can absorb or it’s limitless or scale with the PK ?
anyone khow about the captains of the One Shot Pirate ? I can only found around 6 in total of 12 or 13 of them ( or maybe the rest doesn’t get developed since they don’t even in the game if i remember correctly )
Does mutation still a thing in WoM, i mean like can someone with fire magic can still mutated it to plasma and stuff, cause on the trello Shatter magic or crash magic ( am earth magic mutation ) is primardial magic and it say the only way to have primardial magic is to have the hex mark imbune to ourself Vetex changed the lore ?
Does people in AA time have concept about Mastery and Awakened stage ?
Cursebeard is 1/6 Vastus is he is like 2 or 3 times bigger than a normal human… so how even the first Vastus even born ? Even if that a human male and a Vastus female that is still a lot of thing to do.
Or maybe someome just have growth magic and decided they want to clap some Vastus’s cheek idk
Finally ( for now ) why the frick does Vetex so talent ?
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Not currently planned as far as I know

Well many mutations became basic magics, like plasma and ice, lost magics, like storm and aether, and death even became a primordial magics. So yeah the concept was scrapped basically.

That’s pretty much all I could answer because I don’t know the rest.


probably more than not no as everyone used magic circles except curse users at the time iirc, and it was likely discovered later on aside from mastery because of the webtoon juniper has a sword and shield which is a mastery thing unless it was a common technique of magic.

but for awakened imo i think until magius or smth where magic became more refined meaning people found a way to become one with their magic thus leading to awakened tier and not use magic circles anymore or smth

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