Just something after the science

This is just something after science

what the fuck is this post supposed to be…?

Uh… What?..

Are you sure you’re not a forum troll?

This post is offtopic even for offtopic

dude read the post, its just something after the science

I’m trying to get the one boxed post badge

Now i realized WoM forums science lied to me :frowning:

Ah yes making a meaningless post for the sake of badge farming.
A humble and respectable action.

Bro this should be obvious, it’s legit something after the science :grin:

Don’t blame him, humanity is based on striving up in life. It’s how we’ve evolved

I will make a drawn version of what actually happens to a noob in WoM who opens private chest

don’t make pointless posts, even in off-topic
especially for “badge farming”

Ok, but this is beyond science!

what do we even talk about here
i am confused

I’m confused. Right?

are you talking to me?

to be fair, the confusion of this post is making everyone able to talk about it