Just traded shoulder crow for max lvl sunken staff was it a good deal

also gave him like 4 spell techniques

imo good

Levels dont matter
Sunken staff is shit
Economy issues
Spell technique scrolls id get like 20 of them in one dark seas run

You took an l

an CLASSIC OPTICALCORD L amirate fellas

sorry that was actually uncalled for

what’s wrong with the economy rn?

Nothing tomfoolery, but sunkens are unholy easy to get if you got the right strat

tell me (il give you nothing in return)

luck parties made sunken item value drop harder than… you know what, I’m going to be humble and not finish that sentence.

so are powerfuls and seasonals the only thing worth anything anymore?

eh, I wouldn’t say that, sunken items are still worth much more than regular items, it’s just that they’re slowly becoming less and less worth a seasonal and more like a higher-tier boss drop.

they’re still technically “worth more than seasonals” in the sense that… seasonals are useless. but in terms of hard value they’re falling fast

-although, to be completely fair, sunken value was overpriced to high heaven. even this huge economy hit is still going to make sunkens extremely difficult for the average player to obtain. even I who’s been playing since WOM only got a SINGLE sunken and that was after two luck parties. 800 hours in total across all files btw

(basically even though the value is dropping really fast, it’s still really overpriced… so don’t go around trying to trade a ton of boss drops for a sunken sword or smth, it still won’t work)
(and most people probably will try to inflate sunkens anyway, meaning this whole thing might not mean anything)

Seeing this, i’d say that currently in terms of most overpriced to least
-powerful/armoured scrolls
-sunken warrior set + ssword
-certain potion ingredients (luck scales, essentia, etc
-sunken iron set

Idk where to put seasonals, I’ve never heavily traded them and thus don’t know what their value is like. As for next updates items, I’m going to guess that they will be extremely overpriced for the first week or two, and then drop heavily in value depending on how rare they are.

all of them are accurate imo except for sunken iron and luck scales… you can get luck scales for 1,000 galleons iirc, and sunken iron pretty much took a dive off a cliff after sunken warrior showed up

Could be longer depending on whether the new boss drops are better than the old ones.

wouldn’t the arcanium/strength items hold more value? bosses are farmable and we now have luck pots, you would think the price of them would go down quickly compared to the other armour sets.

Definitely, we even saw this with early game arcanium items. Arcspheres were extremely sought after in the first few months of AO- or at least until version 1.12. Then they rose in worth after gems came out and people realized arcspheres can be stronger than power amulets if you apply gems to the sphere. Might not last as long/be as incredible as it was in 1.11, since most players have atleast half decent items to trade with, but they would probably still technically be worth more than the average boss drop.

At least, in terms of rarity. This might also turn out like how seasonals did, useless but rare. The new arcanium items could be mediocre with the boss drops overshadowing them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Massive L, there’s an infinite number of Sunken Staves you can obtain by grinding but there will always be a limited number of Shoulder crows.

tell me youre not a trader without telling me

I haven’t interacted with the trading community in a while but last I checked the value of sunkens was sort of crashing, whilst seasonal’s value rise higher and higher.

an classic?