Just traded the Valk Seasonal for 2 Strong and 1 Swift scrolls

Is this a W or an L? Not very knowdlegable in trading.

I’m pretty sure (100% certain) this is a massive L.

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It’s over.

Welp, at least this stabilizes the economy a bit more if its being trading this cheap. We must all thank you for ur sacrifice Raybit. Sorry for ur loss.

the notification cut out the title so i thought it was going to be 2 strong sunken swords and i was like WHAT the FUCK

but im glad the value is falling as i predicted

Im crying over this​:sob::sob:. I thought the prices would just collapse over how common they will be

Dw, they may drop in value. People are just overpricing them rn.

Thing is, around 20k completed the event, even factoring in people with multiple files, it adds to about 25-30k valks and lanterns in total. That is actually not that many, so mathematicly speaking you did a L trade.

That’s a shitton of people considering the fact there’s a minimum of 20k VALKS in the economy, compared to headless where it’s estimated to have a stock of less than 2k or possibly even closer to 1k.

That said I wouldn’t say the OP’s trade was good tho

at no point will any seasonal ever be worth a couple enchantment scrolls lol.
unless some crazy super rare enchantment scrolls are added