Kai from Ninjago cosplay



pun not intended lol

I don’t like the eyes tho

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we’re gonna jump up, kick back, whip around, and spin with this one

btw why did you choose a staff instead of another kind of sword?

pogo stick

holy shit lego ninjago season 2 episode 2 real???

fun fact, before AO i was a ninjago artist

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I’m pretty sure there’s like a villain mask or something that looks exactly like Kai’s hood-wrap-mask thing

Now go and kill commodore kai

Ninjago was the first series I fully watched on a computer, I basically searched up “Watch cartoons online” and i decided to watch this. I don’t remember any of the lore now but it still warms up my heart.

bro’s a full time ao artist now :sob:
show us ur art from b4

actually, this was a recent drawing

cole ninjago

went from drawing lego guys from a tv show to lego guys from a roblox game, its a vicious cycle

I thought bro was a ghost

bro WAS a ghost, this was a s5 drawing

but then he got unghosted during a special

That orange flying pirate thing?

the lantern??

I think nadakhan was his name

OH thats season 6, i think cole became human before s7 during a special

Honestly I stopped watching it after that season with oni and stone turning mist

good place to end tbh, the newer seasons are kinda a hit or miss

though i do rlly like the soft reboot they did with the new series

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Idk bro last I watched the show he still had 2 eyes