Karma boss drop & sunken shop⚔️

current stock:

boss weapons/shields:

exiled man
  • 1x strong oath kipper
  • 1x swift oath kipper
  • 1x clean oath kipper
  • 1x heavy woj
  • 4x clean woj
mino man
  • 1x strong vistaria
  • 1x hard vistaria
  • 5x clean vistaria

boss armors:

exiled man clean
  • 10x helm
  • 8x chest
  • 6x legs
exiled man enchanted
  • 1x hard helm
  • 1x hard chest
  • 1x strong helm
  • 3x forceful helm
  • 1x forceful chest
  • 1x destructive helm
  • 3x destructive legs
  • 1x bursting helm
mino man clean
  • 17x helm
  • 18x chest
  • 7x legs
mino man enchanted
  • 1x hard helm
  • 1x hard chest
  • 1x hard legs
  • 2x strong legs
  • 1x destructive helm
  • 1x destructive chest
  • 1x nimble legs
  • 1x forceful helm
  • 1x forceful chest
  • 1x forceful legs
  • 1x bursting chest
  • 2x bursting legs
  • 1x keen chest
  • 1x keen legs

sunken supply:

the babes
  • x3 clean sunken swords (im super stingy on these babies)
  • 1x hard sunken helm (fished out by me so stingy)
  • 1x hard sunken chest (hard so stingy)
  • 1x clean sunken chest (fished out by me so stingy)
  • 1x forceful sunken helm
  • 1x nimble sunken helm

I’m mainly looking for upgrades, destructive sunkens, nimble mino, clean oaths, etc.
Also, some of the items may be personal use items, so I’ll only be trading them for overpays

If I have any specific trades I want to do I will link them here:

DM: karm#3516

for quicker responses

i sell you minotaur helmet for 111 crowns

join my username: myapathy

im in game rn

i left game for now, my discord is karm#3516, also welcome to the forum!

my roblox is: myapathy

Do you accept smoke arrows?

I have arrows if you want

welcome to the forums, dm me at karm#3516 and ill give u crowns for them

nah im only looking for regular arrows

I got 1k spares.

29 maid uniforms

Just what are you planning?

alright rem, ill be available soon, doing school stuff rn

are u free to trade 1k arrows now?

Can I buy like 5 white maid tops lol. I need them for a specific reason

hey dude, i got like, 4k arrows and 2000 smoke arrows, i can sell them all for you

alright, DM me at karm#3516, only looking for regular arrows though

im doing school work rn but when i can trade, ill give u a DM

How much are you willing to give for a lvl 80 mino helm, lvl 50 mino boots, lvl 70 mino boots, and a lvl 60 exiled helmet? DoubleRun is doing around 2.7k crowns for them, seeing if i can get any better deals.

i cant give more than that so doublerun wins

anything greater than 2k for the exiled helm and both boots? not entirely sure if hes gonna buy the mino helm yet.

if not we can just discuss prices for the mino helm

alright, if he doesnt take the helm, DM me at karm#3516