Karuto (Time's Passion)

“Hey… You up?”
The voice of a woman rings through karuto’s ears.

“Great. I knew you’d wake up. I didn’t think you’d drop dead from that type of fall.”

Karuto was barely awake. A voice full of sleep uttered “Who are you?”

“Oh me?”

“I don’t really know myself. Everyone’s been losing their memory lately… But you can call me Eva in the mean time”

Karuto was having trouble understanding what she meant about losing memories… He sat up and stretched his arms and looked back at her…

She was a young woman who was of the average height. She was holding a wet towel stained with blood. That was probably used to treat his wounds.

“What happened to me?”

“You were fighting a pack of wolves. I was watching you from afar. They all died but one did one last blow to you. You fell about… one story.”

“So that’s why the towels are covered in blood…”

“Yeah. But my mind’s still a bit hazy. Because when I saw you I could’ve sworn your eyes were glowing red.”

Karuto suddenly remembered…

"Yeah… my eyes did go red… I usually do it to focus more but that time it felt like my life was in danger as I knew it"

“In any case if you need anything feel free to call me. I’ll be downstairs making you something.”

“Oh thanks.”

Eva left karuto’s room.

Karuto looks outside to see the forests, rivers, and mountains that covered his view. He removes the covers to reveal his bandage wrapped body. And closes his eyes…

“I need to stop being so reckless”


damn no love for this lol

This is extremely well written. Where did you learn to do this?

Meh I just read alot of books


Good writing but you could improve the dialogue formatting a bit.