Kel's Sells

Kel's Sells
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Please note that this shop DOES accept galleon offers!

Enchantment Scrolls:

Pulsar [1]
Strong [2]
Nimble [4]
Sturdy [3]
Amplified [3]
Luring [1]
Swift [2]
Hard [1]

Boss drops:

Cobalt Ravenna Noble Armor [1]
Vermillion Bracelet [1]


Triasta of Bronze [1]
Noble Thunderspear [2]


Sunken Iron Helmet [1]
Strong Light Arcsphere [2]
Power Amulet Fair [2]


Bronze Framing [1]
Light Rugged Hull [1]
Trimmed Wooden Hull [1]
Light Bronze Framing [1]

  • If you DON’T see something Please ask as I only listed a few of the items I am selling here. Updated daily

Please leave a review if we have made a transaction for quality service improvement!

07:17 EST
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i will eat paper if someone genuinely offers for the vermillion bracelet

Someone bought my vermilions before through discord marketplace, I wouldn’t be surprised… It’s a decent cosmetic.

How much money is a sunken helmet worth

MY starting asking price would be {EDIT}: “Around” 30k. I would also trade for 3+ seasonals. These are negotiable so don’t get too intimidated by the numbers.

Mf nobody is paying 30k for a sunken what!!!

Sunkens are worth far more than 30k galleons

your kidding, why is their worth only 600

Most items galleons worth ingame doesn’t reflect to their actual worth.

This is why I dont do trading no shit makes sense :frcryin:

Game assigned worth has never applied to actual worth with vetexs’ games. This has always been a thing in his community…I’m selling for what i’ve noticed as a fairly CHEAP price, even WILLING to negotiate. Feel free to reply/question any comments or concerns.

u want me to bring u the paper or u got it?

i got it

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