King David Silver cloth design

Trying to paint him like europe monarch.

Ngl my painting style delete some details

Here is the ones with full detail


this implies that a David Complex exists

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This is amazing, exactly how i’d imagine he would look with much more detail.

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that DRIP

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Black, gold/orange, and white.
The perfect color combination for royalty.

Who said that purple was the royal color again?

Google did.


this art question my heterosexuality…

king david silver drip

dripass mofo

Clearly you never have known it if you say it is fragile. In my personal experience it is quite tough if it is true.

Is that Bri’ish David?

(it’s… just a joke… sorry if that offended you)

where monkey

I love how he looks like a Napoleonic-era general in this painting!

man he looks awesome

Lord have mercy :drooling_face:

God that cape is so sexy. :flushed:

david silver has given up on life.

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